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Looking fresh and beautiful can be an expensive ordeal when you’re on a budget. In a little survey, we found that the average woman spends approximately RM100 a month on beauty products and treatments, and that’s an average of RM1200 a year! With a few tiny adjustments, you can save your money and still maintain style. It’s all about being a little smart! Here’s a few ways for you to save more money without having to sacrifice your style!

Replace Your Products with Vaseline
Vaseline is a versatile product and a secret beauty weapon! Use it to remove makeup, treat your cracked heels, keeps your lips soft and supple, and use it as an all-over body moisturizer.

Do It Yourself
A treatment at a spa can cost you more than RM100, so spend a fraction of that by setting a relaxing ambience at home and treating yourself to a beauty treatment at home using kitchen leftovers to make you look great. As these products are made of natural ingredients, your chances of getting irritated skin would be low, and it’s also good for the earth! Have a look at some of our D.I.Y. Beauty Treatment recipes.

Get A Low Maintenance Haircut
To minimize the need to visit your hairdresser on a monthly basis, pick out a haircut that’s easy to maintain. A short hair-cut would need more maintenance as it grows like a pixie cut, so if you’re planning to grow out your hair, you can save quite a bit of money too! If you think your ends need a light trimming, simply get a good pair of scissors and snip off those pesky split ends!

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Preserve the Magic Wand
No, we don’t mean an actual magic wand, but ever wondered what makes a mascara effective that it gives a fluttery eyelashes? It’s not the formula but the mascara wand itself! If you’ve had a mascara with a great wand, don’t throw it away. Instead, give it a good wash and store it in clean and dry place. You can save your money off by getting a tube of mascara from the drugstore, and simply have the same consistency of volume and length as you did with your old mascara.

Mani-Pedis at Home
It’s certainly nice to get pampered in a nail salon and let the professionals fashion your toes in eye-catching colors. Pedicures can usually last up to a month, until the cuticles start to grow out. The next time you get a pedicure, pick a color that is similar to a shade you have at home so you can do your own touch-ups at home. If you wish to master the art of nail painting, simply head on to Youtube and watch a few video tutorials to get the hang of it.

Get it Cheap at Beauty Schools
We’re not all fond of being someone’s ‘guinea pig’ especially when our looks are at stake, but if it’s something very simple like getting your hair trimmed off an inch, a new dye job, or a manicure, you end up saving up to 50% more getting it done at a beauty school.

How do you save your money when beauty is concerned? Share with us in our Forum.

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