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Surely there are rules in the workplace, but here are some other things you should not do at work that your employer never told you about!


The workplace should be always remain a place for work issues, and nothing more. If you’re close to some of your colleagues, keep any secrets or gossips you have outside the office, and avoid discussing other colleagues, too. Rumors are an absolute no-no since talking about it can get someone in trouble for no reason, or even yourself.


If there’s something bothering you at work, the first you should do is to do something about it. Don’t just talk about it all day because then you’re just whining like a little child. Talk it through with a senior in your office and get it settled.

Openly Discussing Work life on Social Media

Whether you’re at home, or at work, never use your social media platforms to complain about work and how it’s taking it’s toll on your personal life. There are eyes and ears in the company to keep track of your naughty work, so if you do need to let off some steam about work, talk to someone about it. Or make your Twitter or Facebook account extremely private.


We all make mistakes in the workplace, and usually more than one. But in some cases, going too far with your apology can only make matters worse. A simple “sorry about that” is sufficient if it’s a small matter, but keep don’t act like a child if it’s a big problem. Do not grovel or make promises you can’t keep.

Ask For Trouble

It’s no denying that an office comes with a variety of funny characters that the company just endures with despite their annoying flaws. You don’t have to jump in the bandwagon yourself, so if your colleagues tell you that you’re cool if you [insert no-no here], you might get yourself fired or even worse, if they keep you, they’ll record it down in your files, and eventually, affect your references for other jobs in the future.

Talk or Act Without a Filter

Remember to think before you say or do anything that could come off as rude or worse. Avoid talking about your sex life, politics, religious beliefs or topics that involves “too much information”. Sensitive issues should not be discussed in the work place, and if any word gets around into the wrong person’s ear, things could get very ugly.

Make Promises 

Avoid making commitments or exaggerate your ability at work. If you know you’re unable to cope up with the never-ending list of tasks for the day, tell your boss that you’ll need more time for it. Not only it’ll make you honest, but it’ll keep you three steps from a breakdown.

What do you think are some major office no-no’s? Share with us in our Forum.

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