Just like every other human being out there – celebrities have their moments of embarrassments too. They slip, the fall… and sometimes the end up puking on stage. Ofcourse, there are some cases that just make you giggle a little – but that’s the whole point of embarrassing moments, right?

We’re taking a look at some of those embarrassing moments from celebrities like Justin Bieber, Pink, Kim Kardashian and many more! Take a look and tell us which one entertained you the more!

1. Justin Bieber pukes on stage
This was actually something that happened quiet recently. While performing on stage – Justin turns around, and just lets it all out. He must have been sick or just nervous? Who knows. Here’s how it went down:



2. Sofia Vergara rips dress
This Modern Family star not only had an embarassing moment – she laughed about it too. At the Emmys, she had a little incident where her dress ripped down the back (Not hard to believe, with all those curves going on). Sofia tweeted saying, “this happened 20 minutes before we won!!! I luv my life!!!”(She attached the photo above to this tweet)


3. Fergie pees on stage
This was a moment that a lot of people still haven’t forgotten. When Fergie was still on top of the charts with The Black Eyed Peas, in 2005 she wet her pants while performing on stage“I was late, so I didn’t go to the restroom before I went on stage,” she said later. “It was horrible, but whatever, it happened.”. Well, it’s now a lesson learnt. Always go to the bathroom before heading on stage!


4. Pink falls off stage
When it comes to performers – it is common that they fall off stage. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and even Madonna have gone through the exact same thing. It’s probably because of the heels they wear, the constant dancing and just that energy. But, Pink had a fall that was a little more dramatic. She did not fall off stage, she was thrown off stage by the harnest that was connected to her. She falls upright, but is in a state of panic and shock for a good amount of time. Despite that – she apologizes to her fans over and over again. Watch it here:



5. Taylor Swifts MAJOR wardrobe malfunction
Taylor Swift loves those Marilyn Monroe kind of dresses and at one of her performances , she had the ‘Marilyn moment’. As Taylor Swift gets on stage, she sings a couple of lines than out of nowhere, a blast on wind comes and blows up her skirt. Well… the video is not that clear, but lets hope that she’s wearing nice underwear.

6. Kim Kardashian sunburn gone wrong
This is the kind of tan line we all dread to have – and well, Kim Kardashian fell asleep in the sun and had to deal with the consequences. She tweeted “I fell asleep with huge glasses on…. This tan line is not ok!!!” – Maybe she could have said it was a new fashion statement?


7. Christina Aguilera tanning oil or blood?
The moment these photos of Christina Aguilera were released – everyone wanted to know what was dripping down her leg. No one knew, and everyone questioned. It was mysterious brown blotches running down her leg and all kinds of answers were given. Turns out, the really reason was self-tanner streaks. Oops?



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