Halcyon brings a whole new persona to who Ellie Goulding is. This entire album is different, it’s fresh and it’s really just one of a kind.

When you listen to her previous albums, you kind of get that menotunous sound. All the songs on her album ‘Lights’ sounded similar as if it was just one entire track playing. But with this new album, Halcyon you start to hear so many different beats, sounds and there are just so many feeling that come together as you listen.

You can see that Ellie Goulding is stepping out of her usual musical comfort zone – touching a new vibe and different genres aswell. Mixing of dub-step, pop and even a tad of acoustic… There’s something about this album that brings for all kinds of emotion. But none the less, she still stayed to her routes in the way her lyrics have meaning – they are not all about love, nor all about heartbreak, it’s just the right balance of what every one needs to hear. That’s what makes this album pretty special.

To top it off, this album is the kind of music you’ll hear in romantic films. It just has that very soundtrack feel. The most catchy song out of this album was none other than her single, “Lights” – it was on the radio continously and pumping in clubs. It was the it song for the longest time. That’s one of the reasons why we were excited to grab a copy of this album and have a listen. We were definately happy with what we heard.

Our top three songs choices from this album:
1.) Anything Could Happen
2.) Figure 8
3.) I Know You Care


Take a listen to her newest single, “Anything Could Happen”:


 Take a listen, and tell us what you think!  


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