Nothing ever seems to go right for actress, Lindsay Lohan – it seems like it’s always one problem after another. From her drug issues to new step siblings popping around. She really needs a break.

After the ‘little’ car accident Lindsay Lohan went through in June all things seemed fine… until she lied to the police.

She was then charged for lying and now, she will reportedly have her probation revoked. To top it all off, she is already in trouble with the jewelry theft case but now a hearing will be held to determine if this ‘Mean Girls’ actress’s probation will be revoked due to her new offenses.

According to reports on TMZ, the judge is expected to revoke the probation held against Lindsay Lohan in order to settle the matter with a full on hearing. Though, there has yet to be any action taken yet but the criminal case is in fact expect to be filed very soon.
What’s going to happen now? What’s going on, Lindsay? 


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