Being celebrities, their love life is like a television show for the public eye to watch. When the get together, we’re watching… when they go on dates, we know where they’ve been and when they break up… it becomes headline news. In Hollywood, a one year relationship is equizilent to 5 years in normal people years – as weird as it is, it’s true. Especially when A-list stars get together, they will be followed through every single aspect of their life.

But, like in every normal relationship, tragedy hits and things don’t work out. We’re taking a look at the most shocking breakups in Hollywoods. The ones we never ever saw coming because the couple seemed pretty perfect together. But, that’s the cycle of life whether you’re a celebrity or not… right? Tell us which celebrity break up shocked you the most!


1. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
This break up was probably one of the most heartbreaking break ups of all time. Both Jen and Brad handled it pretty well though. They were Hollywood’s American Sweethearts – they really were the perfect couple. But, someone called Angelina Jolie came into the picture after the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith came through…and the rest was history. This was a breakup that could’ve been messy, but it actually turned out to be something so simple. Brad kept silent through out (after all, he is to blame) and Jen kept her head high and moved forward. Though, we have nothing against ‘Brangelina’ anymore. We still would’ve loved to see them both stay together for the long run.


2. Demi Moore & Bruce Willis
Here’s another shocker – Demi Moore and Bruce Willis made relationships look perfectly easy and simple. Both laid back people, they had three daughters together and you could consider then as the ‘cool’ parents. But, after 11 years of the public eye looking at them in envy, the couple called it quits. The worlds jaw dropped. It was an unexpected and very shocking moment in history. Demi moved on to the younger kind aka Ashton Kutcher and that also turned into a relationship that the public eye loved to watch. But that also ended and shocked the world. But, until today, Bruce and Demi are still really good friends – and that is probably something that every broken up couple looks for nowadays.


3. Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon
This thing about this couple is that they were young yet very mature about their entire marriage… or at least that’s what it seemed like at first.
After a very embarrassing public fight, the couple decided to end their marriage after 7 years together and thats when all kinds of truths unveiled  It was out that Ryan Phillippe had affairs while being with Reese and well, just like how all affairs go, Reese found pictures of the two together and the confrontation began… but it was Ryan who ‘begged’ for the divorce as he apparently could not handle her rise to fame (as it was bigger than his) – Pretty lame reason, but we’re glad Reese has got the love she deserved. The couple also have two children together.


4. Marc Anthony & Jenniefer Lopez
They have two beautiful twins together, the perfectly ‘normal’ life and killer voices that knock a duet out of the park yet Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony couldn’t deny that their marriage was the only thing that was not working. After seven years together, they filed for divorce and shocked the entire world. It was sudden and not-so-dramatic (which is unusual for Hollywood). But the couple have been trying to keep it civil for the love of their kids. We respect that fact – but now, they have both moved on… J.Lo has gone back to dating younger dancers and Marc looks like he’s having his fair share of young women too. None the less, we will miss this couple for the latin flavour that they gave Hollywood.


5. Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise
This is an old break-up, but it’s a classic shocker. Tom and Nicole were married for ten years and adopted two kids before they divorced in 2001. According to Tom, the marriage was ‘passionless hell’ and Nicole said “I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard.” – They were the power couple of the 90’s and it was a heartbreaking one to deal with back then. To top it off, Tom Cruise got divorced again this year to his young love, Katie Holmes… which was also another big shocker on its own.

6. Heidi Klum & Seal
This one was a break up we just couldn’t deal with… and we’re not sure we can accept it just yet. Seal and Heidi Klum was the vision of the perfect couple. They have biological children together and Seal adopted Heidi’s previous child has his own too. Then early 2012, they called it quits after nearly 7 years together. It’s as if the world just stopped for a moment. Though, it was a divorce that was pretty decent and clean, it was still a shocker. Until today, we don’t know exactly what happened or why… we wish it didn’t happen.


Which Hollywood breakup was the most shocking to you? Tell us what you think! 

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