Uh-oh! Busted! Celebrities have had their fair share of run-ins with the law. From drug possesion to hit and runs and even a few arrests for a good cause. Celebrities aren’t as perfect as they seem. We’re taking a look at some of the celebrities that have been arrested for pretty interesting reasons.

1. Amanda Bynes
This former child star is on a role when it comes to running in to the law. She always seemed to be the one child star who got it right…up until last year. It’s a shame really. Amanda was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood back in April last year and everything else just kept falling apart. Apparently, this Nickalodean star, sideswiped a cop car as she was attempting to pass the vehicle at around 3am. The cops then pulled her over and deemed her as unfit to drive. This was just the first of it all…



2. Russell Brand
As fun as this man is, we know he’s not exactly best friends with the law. The british funny man was arrested in March this year after turning himself in to the police for allegedly throwing the iPhone of a paparazzi through the window of a law firm. A $700 misdemeanor warrant was issued for Russell Brand’s arrest and his actions were considered as criminal damage to property. We think this is pretty decent compared to the arrests he’s had back in the past. At least this wasn’t drug related… right?


3. George Clooney
Now we bet you didn’t see this one coming, right? We didn’t either. But, Hollywood hunk George Clooney was arrested in March while protesting in front of the Sudanese embassy in an effort to draw attention to the African regime’s alleged provocation of humanitarian crisis. They slapped on the handcuffs after Clooney decided to ignore three warnings on not crossing a police line. At least it was for a good cause right?



4. Lindsay Lohan
Do we really need to say anything? LiLo is one who is pretty familiar with the law by now. She’s probably got the most mug shots out of all the celebrities out there. She’s been in and out of jail and continues to do so. It’s as if the law has a personal vendetta towards Lindsay… or maybe it’s the other way around.


5. Paris Hilton
This heiress is known for her party animal ways and  well back in 2007, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail (though, she only spent 23 days there), she was arrested for the suspicion of possessing marijuana but was released when the case was dropped at a midnight court hearing. But after all this, she was busted with cocaine in her purse which is a minor felony because she was only sentenced to community service after that.


6. Bruno Mars
This was a pretty surprising one too. When Bruno Mars landed himself in this much trouble, we didn’t know what to think. The singer was arrested on suspicion of narcotics possession and was arrested after the hotel security reportedly confronted him in a bathroom and discovered him with the narcotics. According to the Las Vegas Police Department, no body knew what kind of drug Bruno Mars had processed. Pretty weird, huh?



7. Snooki
Well, now she’s all normal and a mother, once upon a time, ‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki wasn’t on the good side of the law. Apparently, Snooki spent one night going around a residence creating a big scene, parading around her skimpy outfits and downing shots. The cops then arrested her for public disturbance… which, we think she probably was. Thankfully, she’s way past this phase. (we hope)



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