With breast cancer rates on the rise, it’s important to note that apart from self-detection tests, a healthy diet that consists of antioxidant rich foods and the right oils will give you the benefit of healthy breasts.

Here are four superfoods we highly recommend for healthy pair of breasts. 


1. Olive Oil 

Researchers in Barcelona gave rats with breast cancer a diet in which fat came predominantly from extra-virgin olive oil and found that the antioxidants in the oil managed to halt the growth of malignant cancer cells. Olive oil contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that can lower one’s cholesterol level and even promotes the production of antioxidants in the body.



2. Soy

Soy-based foods like tofu, tempeh, soy milk and edamame beans are rich sources of protein and are beneficial in moderate amounts. There have been debates about excess intake of soy may promote cancer, but moderate intake can have a preventative effect on breast cancer in women.



3. Oranges

To keep your breast fit, orange is the best source of nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, and is full of antioxidants that helps fight against free radicals while boosting the immune system. Opt to eat fresh oranges but also note that drinking orange juice adds extra benefits of fibers.




4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes has high contents of lycopene and vitamin C, essential nutrients that helps keep the breast healthy, while being able to fight against radicals that obstruct the growth and function of normal cells. Tomatoes are also high in potassium, phosphorus and iron, nutrients that are also essential to the body’s immune system.

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