If there’s one thing every woman aims to have, it’s great hair. We are so attached to having great hair that even the thought of having a bad hair day could completely ruin your mood to leave the house. Gorgeous tresses are not as difficult to achieve, so here are six simple ways for you to achieve those gorgeous tresses.

1. If you pile your tresses with hair products just about everyday, a little detox might do it some good. Use a clarifying shampoo every once a week to remove residue and to keep you hair and scalp squeaky clean.

2. How you care for your tools will also determine the condition of your hair. Clean your combs and hair brush every week by removing all the tangled strands of hairs and the shampoo the bristles and teeth. You’ll notice just how much shinier your hair looks.

3. If you want to freshen up your look without chopping off the lengths of your hair, consider bangs. You don’t have to get short blunt bangs, but even side-swept bangs can look certainly make you look younger. You can also consult your stylist to give you something edgier.

4. To look good on the go, always carry a little pouch that consists of these tools – a purse-sized paddle brush, a travel tube of serum or smoothing oil, hair ties and an elastic hairband. These tools will be helpful when you’re caught in the rain, and the frizz has returned, or even when you’ve got a dinner party at the last minute.

5. Leave at-home dye jobs for touch-ups and roots. If you’re planning to change your hair color for a fresh look, head to a hair salon and consult a colorist. Avoid using hair dye kits or even henna as they’re saturated in one color block. The best dye jobs come in two or three hues, and only a professional colorist knows how to give you that.

6. Before going to sleep, brush your tresses as it will stimulate blood circulation, which feeds the roots of your hair and helps it set in place. Change your pillow sheets to satin too, if possible. Satin doesn’t ruffle you hair as much as cotton does and it’ll keep you from waking up with fuzzy lion’s mane.


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