So which of these celebrities really brought their game in the world of fashion? We’re putting together the Top 10 celebrities who really knew how to work the red carpet (or street, in some cases) and brought their personal style to the next level.

1. Jennifer Lawrence
We think it’s safe to say that 2012 is the year that everyone started to pay full attention to Jennifer Lawrence. Especially after her amazing performance in The Hunger Games, the spotlight turned up. During the premieres of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence showed off her oh-so-fashionable side and brought it home.

2. Kate Middleton
This royal beauty is all kinds of stylish. Known for her signature nude heels, she makes almost everything look so good! She is the vision of a classy, elegant and poise woman.
3. Jessica Alba
This hot momma brought her style to the next level this year. Especially when it comes to street style, Jessica Alba really knows how to work it. She’s always had that boho-chic feel.

4. Rihanna
This ‘Diamonds’ babe is all kinds of sexy this year. Showing more skin than ever, Rihanna worked it with a lot of high slits, bare backs and low cuts. She definitely shined bright like a diamond this year.
5. Taylor Swift
Though her hair didn’t change one bit, her sense of style has improved… so has her love life. But that’s a different story on its own. This year, she started to play around with more colours, though she did stay on the safe side. Taylor Swift just has one of those styles you can just stare at all day.


6. Diane Kruger
She’s beautiful, she’s a brilliant actress and to top it off, she’s just so stylish. Trying new things each and every time she hits the red carpet, Diane Kruger really knows what works for her.

7. Kate Beckinsale
This is a woman that is all kinds of hot. She’s got the body and the style that every girl dreams of. Kate knows what works best with her body and always ends up looking effortlessly chic on the red carpet.

8. Dita Von Teese
This is a vintage styled woman that never fails to stun us on the red carpet. Always giving that 50’s vibe, she knows what to wear, how to wear it and most of all, how to make it look amazing.

9. Kristen Stewart
This was a shocking trasformation for this Twilight actress. From the scruffy t-shirt, jeans and unwashed hair look at this high end designer gowns, it was an impressive change. 

10. Miranda Kerr 
Well, this is a given. Miranda Kerr is just one of those women who look good in almost everything and anything. Though she’s not often on the red carpet – she makes street fashion look super fun and stylish all at the same time. We love it.

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