“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…” That’s how that Destiny’s Child song goes right? Well, we’re taking a look at some of the sexiest butts in Hollywood. Who’s packing the right junk in the trunk and making it work? Here’s our list!




1. Jeremy Renner
We all noticed his but when he stared in the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol… and then again in the latest Bourne Legacy and to top off the year, he was Hawkeye in The Avengers. In all these rolls, he sports the tightest pants, but he’s buns really make an appearance. The good kind. Have you ever noticed it?


2. LeAnn Rimes
It seems like the beach is LeAnne Rimes newest hang out spot – every paparazzi shot of her is by the beach in her bikini. Of course, you can’t help but notice the firm but that she has. All her working out definitely paid off.


3. Orlando Bloom
Here’s one hot daddy who looks good in almost anything. Especially pirate wear. The Pirates of the Caribbean star showed off his bootie in the movie – and well, we couldn’t keep our eyes off that.


4. Patrick Dempsey
He is named ‘McDreamy’ for a reason. All parts of him are rather dreamy…. don’t you think so?


5. Liam Hemsworth
Looks like Miley Cyrus is a lucky one… She’s got the whole package as her fiancee.


6. Kim Kardashian
The whole reason Kim Kardashian is famous is mostly thanks to her butt. Sure, she’s had a few sex tapes, a couple of gossip-worth scandals, but that bootie is the most attention grabbing thing on her. She is the vision of a bootylicious woman.


7. Beyonce
Remember the song Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child? We’re pretty sure the inspiration came while looking at Beyonce. After that song, it kept on rolling. Beyonce is also know for the ‘booty shakes’ she does on stage when she performers. There’s no denying that she’s got major junk in the trunk.


8. Miranda Kerr
I mean, who can deny staring at the butts that go through the runway of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. But we can’t help but notice Miranda Kerr’s the most. It’s perky, it’s firm and it’s just all around perfect – we hear Pilates and yoga every day is her secret!


9. Lady Gaga
It was really in the Born This Way music video that we noticed more of Lady Gaga’s body – she’s usually covered in all sorts of things. But Lady Gaga really has a killer body behind it all!


10. Channing Tatum
What do we really need to say about this one? Magic Mike shows it all off. His body is really a temple.


11. David Beckham
He’s a father of how many kids and his body is still looking smashing. All that running on the fields definitely does some good to his behind. Who could resist looking at that.


12. Ryan Gosling  
Not a lot of men can pull of a suit with their butt stealing the attention – but for Ryan Gosling, it’s at the tip of his fingers. We want to know who his tailor is because they definitely know how to handle his buns.


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