We’ve got the spotlight on this blonde bombshell. Kate Moss is the vision of a supermodel – when you think of models, her name is bound to pop up. This English model is known as the ‘Heroine Chic’ model because of her slim and fragile figure and well, she’s made a big impact on the size zero era of fashion. 

Not only is she famous for her modeling, but she’s just as famous for her controversial private life, high profile relationships, party lifestyle and of course, drug use.


Here are a couple of fun facts about the blonde supermodel:

  1.  She was named PETA’s ‘Worst-Dressed Celebrities of 2008’ because of her frequent use of fur.
  2. Less than a year after her cocaine scandal (which almost ended her career), Kate Moss made a speedy comeback and topped off with a ‘Model of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards – talk about getting your feet back up on the ground.  
  3. Kate Moss has a daughter called Lila, who is currently 10 years old.  

She’s the face of countless brands, and she’s walked through hundreds of runways – Kate Moss is a woman of fashion. We’re taking a look at some her looks, on and off the red carpet (it’s actually pretty rare that she shows up on red carpet – but in the event that she does, we’re putting the spotlight on her).

Do you think she’s a fashionable woman? Or just the right face for fashion?

1. The classic LBD with simple black heels – that’s the kind of look that symbolizes a supermodel. 

2. We actually love this gold number on Kate. Pretty stunning and flawless if you ask us. 

3. This was a big fashion faux-pas! What is going on here, Kate?

4. A blazer and flats, thats the kind of look we always see Kate Moss go for. We’re not complaining, it’s a pretty chic yet effortless kind of look. We like it.

5. We just love how Kate Moss can make the most simple outfit look extremely fashionable.

6. We’re not sure what Kate loves so much about fur, but without fail, you’ll see her in a fur jacket.

7. We love the leopard print, but that is one unflattering hat. What was she thinking?

8. A classy dress covered up by a fluffy fur jacket – but we do get that 50s woman feel out of it – pretty chic.

9. For someone who has a figure, Kate Moss isn’t someone who loves to flaunt it all, all the time. So in the rare occasion that she shows off this much skin, you realize why she’s a supermodel.



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