One of the 1D boys has been caught cheating and looks like he might have gotten himself in a little tangle.

Zayn from One Direction has been dating Little Mix singer, Perrie Edwards for more than a year now and now he’s been caught red-handed with a woman he met at a party he held in the mansion.


He met a blonde waitress by the name of Courtney Webb and just after a few hours of knowing each other – they hit it off. Apparently, Zayn assured her that he was single. Country only realized that Zayn was lying when she noticed that Perrie’s belongs were all over his bedroom. From her shoes to her fake eyelashes. So, what did the One Direction boy have to say? “Don’t worry about her, she’s on tour”… OUCH!

After she confronted Zayn about these finds and realizing he was in fact not single, she said Zayn started booting her out abruptly:

“As soon as we finished having sex he wanted me out of the house and out of the way. His behaviour was disgusting. We had literally just finished having sex, but he was like, “Cool, done – see you later”. It was horrible. I didn’t argue and I was all ready to go. He’s an absolute s**t. How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie?”


Now, it looks like Courtney is bringinig on some revenge. She has released some photos of Zayn topless and sleeping next to her in bed. Using her mobile phone to take these incriminating photos, she has released it to the press and who knows what else she’s got in store. 

How will this One Direction boy untangle himself from this one? We wonder what the girlfriend has to say.


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