Husband retweets a girl’s complaints about men, you vent on Twitter. He ‘likes’ a picture of an unknown woman who looks like a model, you stalk her profile and Google her name.
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, are often used by everyone to stay connected with friends and family, researches suggest that social media has a fairly strong yet negative impact on marriages. With these social network platforms on the rise, could they be the cause of infidelity and distrust in marriage? (Source)

One of the common cases where social networking sites affects a marriage, is that can often tempt unhappy partners to seek out others (strangers, friends, childhood sweethearts, former crushes, etc.) with the intent to seek out someone new, even if it’s just temporary.

There are also cases of partners who really make friends without having any intention to cheat on their spouse, but it could be one of the partners that could have the green eye of jealousy. A study in 2009 suggested that Facebook makes “unique contributions to the experience of jealousy in romantic relationships”. And it’s rather true, because as soon as someone’s tagged or even likes someone’s picture, we tend to wonder “Who is she, and why do you like everything she says”?


There is no hard proof that social media sites can ruin your marriage, but here are a few guidelines to help guard your it:

Think About What You Share
While Facebook makes it easy for us to share every single detail about how we’re feeling, you and your partner should discuss what you should or shouldn’t share with the rest of the world. A common trend is when we hint at someone or something, and that often unravels drama over the internet. So, think wisely about you’re sharing.

Prioritize Time on Social Media
One of the biggest challenges in marriage is having to spend time with your family. We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we can’t wait to get home to check our Facebook notifications, but never feel the same way about going home to your spouse. We’ve made social media a daily habit, but the internet isn’t going to be there to make you chicken soup when you’re sick. Shut off your internet at for a few hours a day and spend some quality on your marriage instead. Tell your husband how you’re feeling today instead of typing it down for your entire social circle to know.

Be Smart About Requests
Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, and although your teenage years are way behind you, you may eventually find your ex-boyfriend from high school sending you a friend request. Don’t know what to do? Deny it! You’re only leaving a door open to a bad decision in the future. What do you reckon could happen if you end up with an argument with your man and you just want some ‘company’ after a few glasses of wine?   Just as you wouldn’t want to see your husband’s befriending his ex-girlfriend, you should do the same too.

Confront Issues Without Hesitation
We sometimes hesitate bringing up topics with our partners in fear they might lose their cool, so we try to turn things around behind their back. But in the event that a close friend or someone close to you acts inappropriately with you over the internet (even if it was a joke, or it was serious), it’s wise to tell your husband, or at least seek his advice. Remember that you’re married and you’re both a unit that shares everything, including the creepy messages in your inbox.


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