When it comes to everyday fashion, there are so many things that could go right and wrong. But ofcourse, everyday fashion is not as important as a night on the red carpet – the pressure of looking perfect is not necessarily there.

There are occasions where even through everyday casual fashion wear, there are still some things women do that definitely don’t appeal the eyes. From a visible pantie line to overly ripped jeans – there are limits to everything.

Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that woman in this generation still continue to do wrong when it comes to everday causal wear.



1. VPL (Visible Pantie Line)
Let’s face it… nobody wants to see your underwear no matter how nice it is. If it’s lace, or if it has pretty little cartoons on it – keep it to yourself. If you know you’re going to be wearing something that is some-what tight and figure hugging, make sure you either put on a thong or seamless underwear. It really is not appealing to the eyes to have to see you’re underwear line.

2. Matching head to toe
Now here’s a common mistake that woman love to make – matching everything from top to bottom. Avoid covering yourself in the same patterns because you really don’t want to blind the people you are with.  Keep it simple and neat. We’re not saying you shouldn’t wear patterns at all… but all means do. But be sure to balance it out so you don’t look like you’re too much to handle.


3. Over accessorizing
Accessories are the best add-on fashion assets ever – but sometimes, some woman just take it way too far and layer on everything in their closet. If you’ve got 10 favorite necklaces, don’t go wearing it all at once. Accessories were designed as individual item – so don’t mix and match with other accessories, because that only makes it loose it’s touch. Plus, nobody wants to be walking with a chandelier on their necklaces or a sleeve of bracelets. It’s more distracting than attractive.

4. Make sure your clothes fit
This is a common mistake made by every woman out there. We all have our ups and downs, we gain weight, we loose weight – that’s just the cycle that it goes in. But, none the less, there is no reason for you to pick up a dress that is 2-3 times too small for you. Despite how much you really want to wear it, and now it used to look good on you, once upon a time… It’s really not the best thing for you to do. Nobody wants to see to much… nor do we think you want to show anything either.


5.  Daisy Duke Shorts
Shorts are a pretty big thing nowadays – probably because we live in a tropical country like Malaysia – but there is just a limit to how short the shorts should be. No one wants to see a little of your butt cheek hanging out of those shorts – but be aware. It may look good from the front, but always see how it looks from the back too. Adding a little more length to your shorts won’t hurt, so try not to put on shorts that are just way too short for the eyes to handle.


6. Ripped Clothes
At one point in life, ripped jeans were the in thing. But, people have over done this ‘trend’ to the point where you question the other person if they can actually afford to buy a new pair of jeans.  Sure, a little rip in shorts here and there can be sexy… but just don’t over do it. It’s really not as attractive as you think  it is.


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