This special Chinese New Year, be on the look-out for some super entertaining shows – from comedies to live concerts and even a couple of award shows – there’s definitely nothing dull that’ll be on TV! So get ready and stay tuned to these shows! 


Lucky Bowl 1 & 2 | Premiers 10th & 11th February 2013, 1st & 2nd Day of CNY @ 8:30 pm | NTV7
Lucky Bowl tells a story of a rivalry between Liu Gong Gong, who is a deity in-charged of creating folklore in the mortal world and his sister-in-law, Meng Xiao Mei. Liu’s proudest work was penning in Lucky Bowl, but was soon startled by Meng’s rendition to the Lucky Bowl’s sequel that epitomises the ugliness of the human nature, especially greed.


I Love Hong Kong | Premieres 10th February 2013, 1st Day of CNY @ 3:30 pm | NTV7
Just like most people, Shun has always dreamt of making it big in the city and providethe best financial support to his family. He did succeed eventually, but like all things in life, anything that goes up must come down. When his factory was shut down, he wanted to start anew by returning to the town when he spent most of his time growing up in, Aberdeen, where he was brought up: living with family in a small unit, overcoming differences and knowing each other. But he soon discovered that not only has the estate changed, he also hasn’t been keeping up with what’s going on his children’s lives. Lung, Shun’s long-time buddy returned to the estate after being accused of distortion.


Who’s The Woman, Who’s The Man | Premieres 14th February 2013, 5th Day of CNY @ 11 pm | NTV7
Following up on his wildly popular gender bending comedy “He’s a Woman, She’s a Man”, Peter Chan Ho Sun picks up immediately where the original left off. Chi-wing (Anita Yuen), a young lass who dresses like a man to grab the attention of songwriter Sam (the late Leslie Cheung), has attained fame as a male pop singer and the undying love of Sam, who had a little trouble with his attraction to Chi-wing until he learned that he was actually a lady. Their lives seem perfect until Chi-wing wins a major award for best new male singer. While on the podium, she gushes “Sam, I love you” which fuels all sorts of rumors that Sam and Chi-wing are gay lovers. Meanwhile, androgynous pop star Yim-mui (played by androgynous pop star Anita Mui) returns to Canto-pop scene after a ten-year absence and inserts herself into the lives of both Sam and Chi-wing. Soon, Chi-wing finds herself attracted to the charismatic star.


All’s Well, Ends Well | Premieres 24th February 2013, 15th Day of CNY @ 11 pm | NTV7
Popular beautician Sammy (Louis Koo) has the good fortune of being hired as the CEO of a cosmetics company, but quickly finds that he has his work cut out for him when the female employees reject him outright. Later, in order to maintain his good standing with the billionaire’s girlfriend who hired him (Yan Ni), Sammy recruits his best friend Keung (Donnie Yen), a talented make-up artist, to promote the products at a high-profile shopping mall. Before long, Keung’s sales are skyrocketing. Yet despite maintaining a healthy relationship with his clients, hapless Keung just can’t seem to break through to his mysterious lover Moni (Carina Lau). With his professional reputation now on the line, Sammy attempts to spark a love connection between his pretty assistant Kit (Cecilia Cheung) and wealthy jetsetter Slippery (Chapman To). Meanwhile, the ambitious beautician is forced to come to terms with the fact that he’s fallen in love with Kit, and can’t bear to see her in the arms of another man.

97 Aces Go places | Premieres 12th February 2013, 3rd Day of CNY @ 3:30 pm | NTV7
25 year-old Alan Tam is a wimpy triad boss who must avenge his dad because he had a heart attack after losing at cards to a pretty cat burglar (Christy Chung). For help, he enlists Drunk Shooter (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), Hong Kong’s ace gunman. The problem is, Christy ripped off wacky triad boss Francis Ng, so he wants her, too. Even worse, Alan just doesn’t want to kill Christy because she’s too damn beautiful.


Lelio Popo | Premieres 13th February 2013, 4th Day of CNY @ 8:30 pm | NTV7

KK and Luke are the most famous and popular radio deejays at Giant FM. However, they are well known for their bad attitude and work etiquettes to the extent where they are fired by their superior and shunned off by all other major radio stations. Out of job for several months, they decide to attend a public audition for radio deejays at a new radio station. The duo is surprised to see many old ladies applying for the job. It turns out that the radio station is actually looking for 2 “Ah Po” (old lady) deejays for a new show. They then disguise themselves as old ladies and got the job! Their momentum as the “PoPo” deejays builds up and that is when the fun begins.


Aunty Must Go Crazy | Premiere 9th February 2013, CNY Eve @ 8:30 pm | NTV7

ntv7 is proud to bring you Malaysia’s first replica of a treasure hunt show, which lets ‘aunties’ participate and compete amongst one another in a series of challenges that relate to the preparation for the upcoming CNY. This CNY version of the Amazing Race will showcase the aunties’ abilities in making yaw cakes (nian gao), and designing ang paos in an attempt to win handsome cash and a variety of other attractive prizes.


Feng Shui & Custom 2013 | Premieres 10th February 2013, 1st Day of CNY @ 10 am | NTV7

Join Master Wong as he analyses the year of the Snake through the wonderful world of Feng Shui. As he introduces different ways to enhance their luck in the brand new year, he will also explain CNY’s traditional custom of different dialects including Cantonese, Hakka and Hainan. The audience will also be educated on the many perspectives of Feng Shui.


Star Awards Show II – Part 1 & 2 | Premieres 11th – 12th February 2013, 2nd – 3rd Day of CNY @ 11:30 am | NTV7

Inaugurated in 1994, Star Awards is a MediaCorp platform to affirm and recognise the contributions of performing talents as well as behind-the-scenes production talents for the past one year. Since then, Star Awards has become an annual event much awaited and talked about by the media, the trade and the public alike. JSBC CNY Countdown (10th February 2013, 1st Day of CNY at 11 pm) This is a star-studded concert that is rated the highest across China upon its broadcast. Awesome performances include international artists like Alan Tam, Coco Lee, David Tao, Lee Yu Chun, Sun Nan, Na Ying, and also famous magician Liu Qian.


Golden Awards 2012 Premieres 12th February 2013, 3rd Day of CNY at 10:30 pm | NTV7

Golden Awards is back for its second year in 2012. Golden Awards has marked as the highest rating non-drama programme for 2010 with over 700,000 viewership in a single event. It was also the most talked about event in the industry. In 2012, it got bigger by rewarding more local talents via 22 categories.


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