Looks like singer, Shila Amzah and actor Sharnaaz Ahmad are no longer an idea.

Sinar Harian has reported that 23 year-old singer, who is known for her winning in the inaugural season of China-based television programme Asia Wave last year, tweeted that she felt sad after the break-up but would also continue to pray for Sharnaaz.

She tweeted the following: “Even if we can’t be together in the end, I’m grateful that you were a part of my life at one point. I wish you all the best; I’ll pray for you,” she tweeted two days ago.

It is said that the 28 year-old actor, Sharnaaz who previously acted in the movie, Juvana, denied that their relationship was over.

However, the daily said Sharnaaz, who acted in the movie Juvana, denied that their relationship was over.

Whatever it is, we wish them both the best.