The Harlem Shake is really getting out there -and it looks like every Tom, Dick and Harry is making their own versions of the dance (in fact, we’re pretty tempted to). None the less, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Harlem Shake videos that definitely include Malaysian’s too! The oh-so-talented JinnyBoy made an office version and even Bella NTV7 went behind the scenes to do the Harlem shake!

Here are our top 10 picks of the Harlem Shake that have been circulated through out the internet. Tell us what you think! 


1. The Original Harlem Shake

2. Jinnyboy version

3. Bella NTV7 Behind-the-scene

4. Underwater Harlem Style

5. Topshop models backstage

6. Army base-camp

7. Shawn Lee edition for Malaysia

8. Grandma edition

9. Gangnam Shake

10. Matt & Kim Concert edition


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