Get excited people! The world’s largest vortex water ride, the Vuvuzela is set to make a big water splash at Sunway Lagoon once it is open to the public early next month!

Standing at the height of an 11-storey building, the RM15mil Vuvuzela is the latest addition in theme park’s water rides which is set to be a big hit after they launched the first of its kind Waterplexx in the park last year. Assistant general manager Adron Leow said the ride was revealed as part of the park’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

He said that the ride is more than twice the size of the similar rides in Malaysia with its length of 70m and width of 40m. “Visitors will be taken to the launching deck via elevator before sliding down on rafts from the height of an 11-storey building,” he said. “Two types of rafts — with a capa-city of four and six people respectively — will be made available for the ride,” he added. (source)


Leow said that the actual ride is 152m long and can be likened to riding the rapids in a flooding river before visitors enter the world’s largest water funnel, which is 22m in diameter and sits 4m above the ground. The riders are expected to experience zero gravity as they shot up the other side of the funnel to reach the apex of the ride.

The coolest feature of the water ride is that the riders will experience up to four similar oscillations within the funnel, which is more than any other ride in the world. Besides that, the Vuvuzela also make a perfect view at night as it was equipped with its own one-of-a-kind LED lighting display. As for the construction of the ride, Leow said that the water ride was designed and built by the White Water West Industries Ltd. of Canada.

In conjunction with the park’s 20th anniversary celebrations, the theme park also launches a promotion since October last year as they offer the all parks ticket at RM20 only on every 20th of the month. The promotion is valid until next month and it is limited to first 1000 Malaysians who bring their myKad or myKid and line up to buy the tickets.

Can’t wait to enjoy the ride? Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect for the awesome ride!