Just when you thought you were dreaming, zombies started running through the streets of KL…. oh wait, that did happen!

Zombies took over the city and planned on attacking over 1000 participants in 200 tears and the Systematic Mutiny Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 just last weekend.

The first of its kind, the zombie run is a teamwork based treasure hunt experience, but not just against time, but also brain-hungry Malaysianized zombies.

The Zombie apocalypse was celebrated with great enthusiasm with the first batch of tickets sold out on the 2nd day of sales. Further tickets also generated great response with the entire event being sold out within one week of tickets going on sales.

With Zombies in costumes ranging from a bride, surgeon, Chuckie the evil doll, James Bond, bathrobes, rockers, punks, clowns, soldier, medics and not forgetting the Malaysian twist to the event, Zombies in traditional costumes like the saree, cheongsam, baju kurung and baju melayu. The Zombie Run was held at the Grand Canyon Paintball park and that’s where the undead were dispersed.


Zom horde

There was an obstacle of 5 zones, runner teams were supposed to defend for their lives against the many zombies, divided into stumbler zombies, chaser zombies and a ‘secret’ zombie that has left many without their lives a.k.a. health tags at the end of the race. Further divided into five waves, teams had 45 minutes to go through all five zones. Finding their own tactics to get it through the obstacle course, including crawling, lying down and walking back-to-back in order to keep their lives – symbolised as a tag on their back that zombies needed to rip apart to disqualify any players.

Definitely a challenging but fun-filled day, many went home with minor bruises on their body but with a smile on their faces and a medal clutched in their hands. Other teams all received goodie bags from Bioinfinity, Original Bootcamp, Justpie, FriedChillies, Red Bull Malaysia and Says.com, as a token of their participation in this unique event.

Missed out this one? Don’t miss out on the next one, stay tuned here: www.systematicmutiny.com and www.facebook.com/ZombieRunMalaysia


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