Dear Ms. Lipstiq,

I’ve been in a relationship for nearly six months now and it’s been great – everything is generally good between us. But, now, it seems that something has come in between the both of us. Just a month a go, my boyfriend found out that he will be moving overseas for his studies. I know that this is a god thing for him and his career and I don’t plan to stop him or anything. But now, i’m starting to become worried about our relationship. How will we survive? I’ve never been in a long distance relationship, so i’m not sure how it works. Do long distance relationship work? Some of my friends say they do, some of them say it doesn’t. I don’t want to loose my boyfriend for good but I don’t want to hold him back either. What do i do? How do I handle this situation! Help!



Dear Amy,

We’re pretty sure that all these changes are a little crazy to take in at once, and it may be a little shocking too. Just take a step back for a breather first. Long distance relationships are a tricky matter – and whether or not the relationship will work out, really depends on how you both handle this situation as a couple. There are things you can both do to make it all a little easier – since the world of technology is so big, there are endless ways to communicate. From Skype to Whatsapp, we’re pretty sure you can find your way around. Trust is also a big factor when it comes to long distance – because that needs to be strong in order for you and your boyfriend to continue this relationship without worry. Worrying within a relationship is already bad – imagine worrying in a long distance relationship… It’s much harder to deal with! But yes, at the end of the day, the long distance relationship depends on how you both handle it. After all, it’s a two way street and you both have to help each other out. But no matter what, in the mean time, enjoy your time together while you still can. That’s what matters most. Make the best of what you have. We wish you all the best!


Ms. Lipstiq