Auction Hunters Season 3 is back!

Renegade storage buyers Allen Haff and Clinton ‘Ton’ Jones are back for a brand new season of sniffing out storage units with the biggest money-making potential. Join Allen and Clinton as they travel from the Alaskan tundra to the Hawaiian tropics, and put their instinct, brains and luck to the test in a bid to nail down the most valuable collectibles and score the best deals. Bidding on storage units can be an extraordinary gamble. Competing against other infamous auction hunters, high rollers and persistent bidders, Allen and Ton must spend money to make money. So will their latest discoveries be worth the expense?



We had the exclusive chance to interview Allen and Ton from the Auction Hunters – and we wanted to find a little more about what they do. Take a look!

Q: Hey guys it’s been three seasons already, how did you guys start off and get involved in auction hunters?

Allen: Sure we were both hustling store units in LA and there was an interest in people who were doing it.  We were doing, we started to see their production people coming to auctions and they were trying to talk to us and I avoided them, avoided the cameras and it’s kind of funny I ended up finally talking with them and I knew of Ton and they knew of Ton too.  And he and I had been splitting rooms, making money not all the time, but most of the time, so it was kind of a natural fit when they were ready to make the show, that they kind of can plug us right in and follow us.


Q: Is this something you guys always saw yourselves doing or it just sort of happened and you guys just ran with it?

Allen: As a small boy little Ton Jones dreamed of the day he could have the glamorous job of cleaning up after messy people who have  stuff in dusty storage bins, yeah that was his dream.  I think it’s safe to say that he set his sights a little lower than others, but he hit it, he nailed the hell out of it.
Ton: Thanks bro.
Allen:I got you dude, you take the next one, you can pay me back.
Ton: That was brutal, ouch.


Q: What would you say is one of the coolest or weirdest items you found so far?

Allen: I met Ton Jones at a storage unit is my answer.

Ton: Yeah Allen found me inside the unit.  We found all kinds of weird stuff.  I mean imagine your worst and best nightmares and that’s what you’re going to find inside these units and we find everything from gold and silver to human remains, really there’s no ending to what we find.



Q: Have you guys ever found something you guys had to just keep for yourself instead of selling off?

Ton: All the time.
Allen: Oh yes.  One of us believe it or not keeps more than the other one.  Ton things that are small and valuable like gold and coins and things like that, but I’m a big sucker for antiques, because I know I’m never going to see it again.  Those are the ones I want to hold on to and so it won’t surprise you that I have a pretty full house full of really interesting cool eclectic antiques.
Ton: You pretty much have a museum.  I said you have a museum of your own.  But if it’s fishing poles and small stuff like that, if it has to do with fishing and hunting it’s probably coming to my garage.


Q: Apart from that what other hobbies do you guys have apart from doing this full time?

Allen: Hobbies dear god I remember when I used to have time to have hobbies Ton.  Ton has a little bit more time than I do and I admire that, he’s always on me to go fishing or to try and chill out.  I do like to fly fish, I play guitar, that’s my therapy.  I have the nicest hot tub a person can find in a storage unit at home and so I kind of chill out and have sort of like a relaxed Polynesian beach bar at my house.  And I would say that’s my hobby, I like to play music, I learnt to play the ukulele and that happens in season three.  You’ll see me actually pick one up when we find a ukulele in a storage unit in Hawaii and it’s cool because I play guitar, I was pretty natural on it.


Premiered on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551) on Monday February 21. with two 30-minute episodes airing back-to-back from 7:00 p.m. Encores every Friday at midnight  and 1:00 p.m.