Yeo Yann Yann - Latest Marie France Ambassador

Marie France Bodyline has named Yeo Yann Yann as their new ambassador for 2013!

The first thing that strikes the mind of a new mother is to lose the flab and gain her pre-pregnancy weight immediately. Though motherhood is a completely blissful experience, but the journey to lose the post-pregnancy flab can appear to be stressful, especially for an artiste.

For silver screen and theatre actress, Yeo Yann Yann, her new off-screen role as a mother is something that she always dreamt of. However, at the back of her mind, the occurrence of post-natal bulges during pregnancy gave her so much stress.

Yeo Yann Yann and Ms Joanne Yeong

The birth of her beautiful daughter, Vera (now 6 months old), has certainly brought immense happiness and delight to the lovely actress. At the same time, the 36-year old quickly realised that her body needed assistance in shedding off the extra kilos of post-natal flabs. That was when Yann Yann took charge! In her pursuit to return to the silver screen and stage, Yann Yann turned to professional help and consulted with the world’s leading slimming professional, Marie France Bodyline.

Unveiled as the latest star to join the sterling ambassador line-up for Marie France Bodyline 2013, Yann Yann was introduced to 3-S Lipostem Therapy (3SLS), a new treatment that engages a 3-D and three pronged approach to fat elimination, body slimming, cellulite dispersal and banish stretch marks.