Looking to get wrinkle free? ReSkin has launched their anti-wrinkle snail ampule and cream! Combine these two products, and it is said that results are going to be there. This is not only a product for women – but it’s for men too! How great is that?

Anti Wrinkle Snail Ampule
It’s good for all skin types. This anti-wrinkle ampule applies the outstanding moisturizing properties of snail slime to calm red and sensitive skin. It tightens pores and calms trouble-prone skin to brighten dull and blotchy complexion while leaving the skin supple and firm.

Directions : After applying soother (or cosmetic water to organize the skin complexion) in the morning and the evening, use the pipette to apply the content to the face and the neck. Tap face lightly to help absorption. (source)
Anti Wrinkle Snail Cream
It is also good for all skin types. Repairs damaged skin and provides intensive nutrients. This anti-wrinkle cream contains highly-concentrated snail slime extract that protects and repairs damaged skin by strengthening the skin barrier. Plant ingredients prevent moisture loss and leave the skin firm and supple.

Directions: After using the ampule in the morning and the evening, apply the cream evenly to the face and the neck.



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We had the chance to try out this anti-wrinkle snail set ourselves – and we like the results that we got. We decided to try it on for a good 3 weeks – every day. Applying once a day, at night before bed was what we decided to do.

As most products go, you don’t see drastic difference at the end of the line – but with this anti-wrinkle snail set, we do see a form of result. Maybe it’s because we haven’t used it for long enough, but you can see the skin is a little most stretched out a smooth. Not only did it looked smoother it also felt a little bit tighter. Especially around the eye area (which is usually where there are more wrinkles)

As for the texture and the entire product itself, it was a pretty interesting product to try out. The cream is smooth and gives off a very silky finish once you apply it to your skin. What’s nice about the anti-wrinkle snail is that it does not feel oil at all – obviously, you only about 2-3 pumps worth, but once you put it onto your skin, you will instantly feel fresh without any sense of oiliness which is the once thing we hate the most about putting on cream. This anti-wrinkle snail cream gives a very fresh finish.

But out of both the cream and the ampule, we really love the way the anti-wrinkle snail ampule feels! Only applying 2-3 drops worth on your skin, you instantly feel a fresh and cooling flush through your face. It’s absolutely refreshing. Especially when applying it at the end of the day – you just feel so alive and relaxed all at the same time. There is no scent to the ampule, which is rather nice. It is also not oily – because usually ampules are! So, we were pretty surprised that we didn’t feel greasy at all.

Once both the cream and ampule are applied, we go to bed feeling fresh and wake up just the same way. The products really soak well with our skin – so it’s comfortable. No body wants to wear a cream or ampule that’ll make your face feel heavy and greasy, right?

We definitely suggest this product – especially if you have sensitive skin, this is actually a nice a light product to use.