Anxiety is a little disorder that involves a combination of negative feelings like nervousness, fear and extensive worry. Everyone has it – whether it’s clinically diagnosed, or even when you’re worried about picking the wrong answer for your exams, anxiety is a common symptom among everyone.  There are million of things that cause anxiety, but we’ve deduced eight factors that do not need full attention, because really, there are more important things in life to worry about.

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1. Which Coffee Chain to Get Your Coffee From
Dear coffee drinkers. Coffee is coffee, unless if you’re talking about instant coffee, then that’s just nothing but coffee flavor, sugar and preservatives. We’re talking about the coffee chains – Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc. Coffee snob or not, you need coffee to function, so stop being a fussy princess and just go in and order your latte already!

2. Running Like You’re Training for a Marathon When You’re Not Training for a Marathon
It’s good that you run. In fact, we commend you for knowing what you want to achieve, and going for it. But if you constantly brag about running for marathons when you really don’t participate in any, you really should just run for a marathon.

3. How Many Likes on Facebook
A witty status, a whine, a rant, what you had for dinner, etc. You don’t need friends and strangers you hardly communicate with to approve of what you’re doing. Instead, go outside and play with your pet, please.

4. Getting Your Boss to Like You
Never ever kiss the a** of your boss unless you’re the PA or you’re vying for that promotion he or she “mentioned” the other day. Instead of just quietly showing that you’re busy and working, tell your boss about what your doing and what your goals are. Your boss isn’t there to be your friend or like you. Bosses should see the potential in their employees.

5. Weighing and Measuring Yourself Everyday
It’s hard for a woman to not think about a her weight. Blame society’s judgement on what’s beautiful, but you need to stop bringing yourself down because your waistline is a little above average. Instead, go have a muffin!

6. Complaining about Facebook’s Constant Layout Change 
Yes, it’s annoying. You don’t know where your ‘Settings’ button is, and changing your profile picture only gets harder and harder. But seriously, Facebook can do whatever they want, so you just have to get used to it. And no, don’t make that a Facebook status either!


7. Justin Bieber
After realizing how insane Bielibers are, it’s hard to ignore the fact that 10-year-olds can turn into verbally abusive psychopaths on Twitter, all thanks to this epidemic called ‘Bieber-Fever’. If you’re a fan, remember he’s a popstar and he’ll do whatever he wants. If you’re not a fan, you’re on the right track in life, but don’t get too carried away.

8. When Celebrities Die
When the singer of your favorite top 80s ballad passes away due to drug overdose, there’s no need to tell other people how he/she should’ve lived their lives. Of course, you’re a little emotional because it was a part of your memories growing up, but you should probably be more emotional when your socially awkward relative passes on. Just saying’.



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