March is coming to a close. In fact, we’ve got less than two days left and we’ve gotta admit that it’s been a fairly long month, but it still feels like the first of March was just yesterday. March was huge. We saw Malaysian women receive the recognition they deserved at the first ever, ntv7 Bella Awards, we celebrated International Women’s Day in March 8, and not forgetting the highly-anticipated Future Music Festival 2013. But now as we’re down to the last weekend of this awesome month, we’re giving this post a touch of Tumblr to give you a feel of just what our weekends are like (or how we wished it was like).


When the clock strikes 6pm on Friday, we’re walking out the door…



And 5 mintes after we walk in for happy hour in the bar, and this goes on the entire night.. tumblr_mjcza2cVJs1s5lf2ro1_400


And fast forward to Saturday morning… sleep


Then it’s time for brunch at Starbucks, and we’re looking at the menu going…


  Unsatisfied, we head back home and cozy up in front of the TV, doing this… 



But deep down, really wishing this was taking place right now.. tumblr_m2x8r9Pt4Z1r5z05p


And then we remember the good things lying in our fridge… tumblr_inline_mf9kdyIuAI1rao0jp (1)


And then after a booze-induced nap, it’s time to head out again. Fortunately, we stumble upon this hot piece of many candy…tumblr_mjxfxckI8X1s4xdz1o1_500


And the most natural thing to do, is go.. tumblr_ly2l6pIFIn1r7nhf6o1_500


    And the only sane thing to do.. tumblr_may052qHca1qb9pa3o1_500


Let’s not talk about where this goes. Fast forward to the Sunday afternoon..

sleep (1)


 Spending most of the day doing this.. tumblr_men17ndJ3L1rqjlcz


And this..



And then someone just reminds us that it’s Monday tomorrow, and then it’s all a series of.. tumblr_inline_mijdu44auO1qz4rgp   tumblr_mbwfapdqq91rd06hno1_400





And then we take a breath, and use up whatever time we have, because all-in-all, we aim to give you all that we have. So champagne and a bubble bath? Yes, please!