Remember how everyone got into the “Gangnam Style” frenzy by doing that horse dance in every TV shows? Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick begs to differ as she got herself into “electric chock” (pun intended) instead!

Anna Kendrick joined f(x), South Korean girl group in the latest Funny or Die video. Fascinated by the K-pop music video, her faux agent in the video decided to send Anna to Korea to join a K-pop group.  If you’ve seen ‘Pitch Perfect’, then the scenes in the video might look familiar to you. From learning the synchronized K-pop dance moves to singing in Korean, Anna Kendrick has finally made it into the group through her hard work and determination.

But, of course all these were done with all the comedy elements and the five girls also got us burst out laughing when watching the video! A new “signature move” was even created in the video!

As for now, there’s nothing better than enjoying your Friday with this hilarious video here!

Source: Star Crush