Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper


There’s no denying that most of us have undergone a certain amount of stress at the workplace. But, how do men and women deal with their daily stress at work?

According to our source, a new study shows that women who tend to face disrespect and incivility at the workplace responded the office stress by working even harder. The study involving just 317 white-collar workers was published in Australian paper and it classified incivility as including gossip, rollig one’s eyes and making insults.

Even though they are relatively small, but the incivilities have a major impact on the health of an office.

“Therefore, when they are faced with incivility in the workplace — and this would generally be over work issues — women are more likely to attempt to work harder with the aim to improve their work relationships,” said the study’s author.

As for men, they are likely to respond them by taking extra sick leaves and other breaks from work. But hey, we thought men can handle pressure and pain better than women! Now that’s something us women can be proud of (sort of)!

Source: The Grind Stone