What do you get when you give your gadgets a touch a pink? You show it off on top of utilizing your gadget. Make them all jelly, we say!

Samsung recently launched the Samsung GALAXY Note II in a powdery shade of pink that’s way paler than the pink found on the first Samsung GALAXY Note. Calling it, “Martian Pink”, it translates into a diamond pink hue that the entire GALAXY Note II dons.

Can’t say we know any pink Martians, but we reckon they got inspiration from the runway trends since pastel’s so in right now, and we have to say it’s probably the prettiest and most functional piece of toy every girl who loves pink should own!

However, one thing you should take ‘note’ of, is that the pink GALAXY Note II seems to be notably different than the original GALAXY Note. Measuring at 5.5 inches, the Note II’s display is slightly larger than that of its predecessor, which boasts a 5.3-inch screen. It also comes with a much-improved S-Pen stylus.

But anyhow, the general features are the same from the Note family, featuring the highly convenient S Note app. So, as Samsung says, “Turn your world into pink”, and then show off that pearly pink phone of yours!

Source: Samsung, IB Times