SL - Vuvuzela 2

Imagine sitting on a rubber raft, eleven stories above ground. Below you, a long, winding waterslide, leading away so far you can’t see where it ends. Suddenly, the ground falls away and you’re plunged, screaming, hurtling through a maze of watery pipes, twisting and turning like an aircraft out of control. It’s terrifying yet exciting and all your senses are alive!

If you’re a thrill-seeker hoping to try the next best thing to excite your senses, then head on down to Sunway Lagoon and give the VUVUZELA a try – the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride. The VUVUZELA at Sunway Lagoon is up to 30 meters and you’ll pipe through a 22-meter funnel.

SL - Vuvuzela - 1

The Vuvuzela is a sight to behold, as it occupies 3,360-meters (three times of the size of a Olympic standard swimming pool) of the water park. From a launch tower an incredible eleven stories (30-meters) high, the Vuvuzela plunges you through a ride that spans 152 meters, designed to resemble riding rapids on a turbulent river, before mercilessly plummeting you into the world’s largest water funnel, 22meters in diameter which also sits 4 meters above the ground.

You’ll scream. You’ll shout. You’ll definitely get wet, so if you’re seeking fun and adventure in a big red funnel, the VUVUZELA is right up your alley. All this is possible by getting your tickets to Sunway Lagoon in Bandar Sunway.

Don’t forget to bring a set of clothes and heart-rate monitor just to keep yourself in check!


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