It’s only a matter of weeks before Kim Kardashian gives birth to her first child with Kanye West. The couple publicly announced they were expecting a baby sometime late December, and that they were already 12 weeks along!

And while pregnancy only gives the stylish Kim Kardashian to put her talent in fashion to the test, sadly we were hardly impressed by what she had to offer. The reality TV star opted for some awful choices that even we can’t justify how her outfits made her look good. But since Kim’s pregnancy is coming to an end soon, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at her maternity wear blunders. Don’t forget to read our memos to Kim!


Pregnant Kim Kardashian Grabs A Sweet Snack With Friends

Dear Kim,

We know you’re pregnant and you want the utmost comfort for your belly and yourself. And while that Grecian empire dress looks really comfortable and it’s something we’d steal so we could wear everyday, you need to get yourself a new bra.



Dear Kim,

You’re the woman that curvy women look up to when it comes to finding the right balance of expressing your curves and looking chic while we’re at it. But this dress feels like an insult to the women who’ve been called Shamu in their lives. What gives?


Dear Kim,

That dress looks really cool. But all those frills and lace around the dress is not the right choice big bosoms! We love those shoes, but are you sure four inch-heels are the right pair of shoes for when you’re pregnant? And if you have the answer, can you share how we can make it work?

PS. What is that – a petticoat?!

Kim Kardashian Lunches In Beverly Hills

Dear Kim,

While you look totally radiant in that peach chiffon dress, that train in the back needs to go! What are you trying to hide?


Dear Kim,

BOAHAHAHAHAHA! But seriously though. Why so serious? And where are you going?

Kim Kardashian does her best to hide her growing baby bump, as she joins Kourtney Kardashian and her daughter Penelope on the way out of JFK airport in New York City

Dear Kim,

Why are you wearing 945 layers of black cloth? We’re pretty sure there are a million more convenient ways to hide your baby bump!


Dear Kim,

We’re also pretty shocked that you’re wearing those pants too. But your thumb is facing the wrong direction.

Topshop Topman LA Opening Party At Cecconi's - Arrivals

Dear Kim,

You’ve officially proven to us that wearing black can look horribly wrong. Thank you for making us realize that.

Dear Kim,

That top looks a little tight and we can see your belly from here. Also, did you just get your lips done. It looks very.. plump! 

Dear Kim,

We know it’s your first time at the MET Gala, and we know you want to be remembered. But is this Givency ensemble really the way you want to be remembered? And do you think it’s fair that your outfit got people over the internet comparing you to a couch. It’s totally cruel, but it’s so funny!




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