Women are always on the hunt for hair removal options, especially for the little space we have “down there”. And while it’s absolutely natural to want to get rid of all the hair we have, it’s best to keep informed about the option that are available.

Everyone’s hear horror stories about waxing – it’s painful and it leaves your skin red, puffy and prone to infection (depending on your skin type and the level of hygiene). However, waxing is certainly worth it. The results last from weeks to a month, and the hair grows softer, slower and fine. A Brazilian wax removes the hair from the pubic region, while the Hollywood wax gets rid of the hair around your anal region too, so it’s really the “full strip” if you get what we mean.



Shaving is a popular, quick, easy, pain-free and inexpensive way of removing pubic hair. Sadly, the after effect of shaving can create painful bumps, rashes, and as soon as the stubble starts growing, you end up with an itch from hell. Although shaving may be a quick way to “touch up”, you run the risk of having little cuts, and tiny pus-filled rashes due to the warm and damp conditions. Shaving is required to be done every few days for maintenance, and unfortunately, it only leads to more irritation.

Depilatory Creams
Depilatory creams are fast and easy, but they can be quire messy and it may sting if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals in depilatory creams are rather harsh as it needs to weaken the hair follicles, so you may want to find a depilatory cream that’s designed for pubic hair removal. Depilatory creams won’t give you the same effect as waxing, but the hair will surely grow back softer than before and you won’t be irritated by all that stubble from when you shave. Just remember to do a patch test before you try a product.

Permanent Laser Treatment
If you can afford it, and can tolerate pain like a champ, permanent laser hair removal treatment might be an option for you. Although you will be free of any pubic hair for the rest of your life (or at least for a long-term span), it is a painful process to go through. Furthermore, you’ll have to go through numerous sessions to see proper results, but the end result will be worth it!


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Sugar Waxing
Sugar waxing is very much like using a sheet of wax, except sugar wax is used. Basically sugar will be cooked until it caramelizes, and warmed up to a point where it’s like a sticky, stretch taffy. When it’s applied to your skin, a simple tug will be enough to pull your hair out from the root. It’s much easier to clean up than waxing and your skin too may feel irritated.

An epilator is a little machine from heaven. An epilator is a little electrical device the pulls out multiple hair simultaneously. It’s easy, fast and it may sting a little, but a little TLC can help. An epilator works almost like waxing, but it won’t thoroughly remove the hair as best as waxing does. Epilating can be painful around the pubic area, so you’ll need to have a lot of tolerance for pain. Simply take a warm bath so that it opens up your pores for easier removal, and pull your skin back tightly when you’re epilating.