Image: Shuttershock

Once again, science shows proof to some of the many instincts about women – Men with guitars are more attractive.

Researchers at the University of Bretagne-Sud and the University of Paris-Sud enlisted the aid of an attractive young man who approached 300 women between the ages of 18 and 22 and ask them for their phone number. A third of time he carried a guitar case, a third of the time he carried a gym back and another third he was empty-handed. Want to guess which entitled him to more telephone numbers?

He found that he was least successful with the women when he was holding the sports bag, but his success rate was highest with the guitar.

Does this explain that musical practice is associated with sexual selection? Ladies, do you find a guitar-strumming man more attractive than the average Joe? Or does this apply to any man with the ability to play any instrument? (Source)

As a little Friday surprise, here are some pictures of some guitar-slinging hotties: