Album covers are not the only place where music meets art and design. When sourcing out for talent in the the field of design, people look for outstanding artistic expression and fluid composition, and poster designs are one of the pathways for designers to unleash their creativity. Moreover, concert poster designs are worthy of some attention which has produced truly revolutionary artists and it’s grabbing the attention of the youths of today.

Gig posters is a popular art form with countless designers inspired to help identify bands and musicians. The design of the poster not only shows the band’s attitude and tone, but it also needs to match and express their music and albums in the art. All of this while maintaining the impact of the piece, without overworking or overfilling the area and detracting from it’s overall arrangement.

How this inspiration comes from? Well, graphic posters started as early as the 1960s . Gary Michael Grimshaw is a graphic artist who specialized in the music business since his first concert design in year 1966. The MC5 “Grand Ballroom Opening Night” poster  is one of his most important pieces.


Image: MC5, designed by Gary Grimshaw

Now, the music industry is set on finding fresh new talents and graphic designers who are more involved in the music industry as a way to show their expertise. It’s turned to be valuable recently since it’s attracting art collectors as well. These progressive pieces of art are well copyrighted which explains why their masterpieces end up costing lots of money.

Check out some of these amazing posters that has music magazines, bloggers and music fans talking about:



Image: Gotye


Image: Owl City


Image: Mate of States, designed by Andrio Abero


Image: The Decemberists, designed by Gina Kelly


Image: Animal Colelctive, designed by Little Jacket


Image: The Lumineers


Image: Iron & Wine, designed by Dan Stiles


Image: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


Image: Mumford and Sons


Image: Deadmau5

fall out boy

Image: Fall Out Boy