23 people went missing in a remote Borneo river when they hopped on an overloaded boat that flipped over. The boat carried more than twice the boat’s estimated capacity which was 70, but there was way more than that. Luckily 181 passengers were rescued, but 23 were still unaccounted for after the accident Tuesday morning on the Rajang river. Most of the passengers were believed that they’re back for Hari Gawai celebration festival.

Rom Kulleh, an aide to a local Belaga politician, told AFP by phone that he spotted the overturned and mostly submerged boat in the river while flying over the area in a helicopter.

“The boat was stuck in the water. It was upside down,” he said, adding that some of those rescued were plucked from the water by passengers aboard other boats plying the river.

So far no bodies have yet been found. We will update once it’s confirmed. Authorities have yet to indicate whether action may be taken against the boat’s operators for taking on so many passengers, saying they were focused on rescue efforts.