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A teenager in England who worked as a Taylor Swift impersonator was beaten up by her classmates due to her resemblance to the pop star.  Xenna Kristian is a student at Walford and North Shropshire College in England made her money impersonating Swift at local charity events and private parties. She claimed that a classmate beat her up, without provocation for looking like the Grammy winner.

Xenna said: “Some girls at college had started making nasty comments, but it escalated really quickly”.

“The girl came up behind me and dragged me off my chair by my pony tail, then started kicking me in the face. It just came as a complete shock.”


Xenna said that it doesn’t stop in campus either. She said that when Taylor Swift had broken up with Harry Styles of One Direction, people would mistake her and stop her on the street, blaming Xenna for the split.

“I never expected anything like this to happen. It’s not nice to see people being nasty about you. Since I started being a lookalike people have been saying stuff, Kristian said. “They must be jealous that I’m going off to do something with my life. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I still feel shaken up.”

Kristian said she is waiting for her injuries to heal so she can go back to work. “I’ve had to cancel three appearances just from this week, and I won’t be able to do any more until the bruising goes,” she said.


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