The boyfriend trend is a great look that has now been around for a while. If you haven’t already given it a go it is probably because you are worried about looking too butch or too much like you literally did just throw your boyfriends garments on! If so, here are a few ways to feminise the trend whilst keeping its aura.



The boyfriend trend calls for a baggy distressed denim. To soften this look, go for a cropped pair. Exposing skin at the ankle or wrist always adds a feminine touch to an outfit as they are small points on anyones body. Exposing skin at the ankle also breaks up the outfit between the trouser and shoe which is another feminine thing to do.



In typical boyfriend style, you would wear a blazer that slightly resembles an unfitted suit jacket. Upon feminising this look, you can do a few things. Cropping is a great way to transform the boyfriend trend as shown with the jeans, this can also be applied to the blazer. A lot of blazers are now lined with a bright or contrasting colour to the outer (which is typically black). Rolling up the arms exposes skin once again which softens the look but also exposing a coloured lining means nailing two trends in one- monochrome and boyfriend! The bright colour will also further feminise the look. Another way round the boring unfitted jacket is to add a brooch for an instant pick-me-up. Bling is always girly but if you’re not into that you can go for a corsage style pin.




 Button down shirts are no longer associated with office wear as there are so many trendy, feminine takes on the look. You can wear a hugely oversized button down shirt that has a male cut all the way… just make sure it is in a contrasting material. Chiffon shirts are so easy to wear and a great way into the boyfriend trend for cautious fashionistas. Collar tips are also a great way to make this look more female friendly. Adding collar tips will inject glamour into any button down shirt.



Brogues and loafers can easily make any girl look butch. With the right styling however, they can be a great addition to your wardrobe. A really fun way to become part of this trend is to get a brightly coloured pair. You will be surprised how easy it is to wear a neon pair of loafers as they are such a classic shape. Doing this means once again not only nailing the boyfriend trend but the neon too- which is very in this Summer. Tassels on loafers also add a softer touch. Gold or metallic hardware on brogues is quite typical in a mans shoe but if this hardware is carried onto the small heel or is made more apparent that is also a good way to differentiate your shoes from your mans.