A mother of a 16-year-old was told off by the police for lodging a second report against the Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) deputy chairman for allegedly molesting her daughter.  The mother also lodged another report against the police and the school for not taking any action against her claims.

“This is the second report I’m lodging against the official. I lodged one in March this year but no action was taken,” the mother told sources after lodging the report at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters last Wednesday.

The 39-year-old alleged that her daughter was molested by the PIBG deputy chairman in a school in Damansara while performing a body check on her daughter back in March.

“The official came into my daughter’s classroom and accused her of bringing a mobile phone to school. He then ran his hands on my daughter’s body on the pretext of doing a body search in the presence of a teacher.”

“I’m shocked how a man could be allowed to enter the class just like that and worse, and do a body search on a female student”.

The mother she went to the school personally to get details of the incident and managed to get written statements from witnesses. The school management claimed that they have warn the PIBG official several times of his alleged misconduct but claimed that he ignored all warnings. The frustrated mother then decided to lodge a police report in March, but no action was taken. When she decided to make a second report, but the police kept delaying the report, claiming there were procedures to follow.

“He insisted on me talking to the IO, known as Salasiah on the phone. The latter shouted at me and even said that my daughter will be shamed in court if the case is pursued.

“Salasiah even mocked me, asking if I had the money to get a lawyer to handle the case,” she said tearfully. [Source]

It’s hard to see that none of the parties are even taking this case seriously. A school should already take immediate action when someone in charge for student affairs has been abusing students in such despicable manners, not send off a couple of warnings.

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