Dear Lipstiq,

Is there a legal age to purchase birth control pills? Can I get them from a pharmacy or do I have to see a doctor?





Quite a number of readers have been asking us the same question as you, K.K.C., so we’ve roped in medical professionals to provide us the right information.

According to Dr. Fiona Sampil, there is currently no age restriction in purchasing oral contraception pills in Malaysia. However, you should consult a doctor first to get a prescription for the right kind of birth control pills, and to find out whether or not you’re suitable for them. “Some women are not advised to take oral contraception pills, for example those with heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, et cetera,” says Dr. Fiona. “Some people buy these medication over the counter, but it’s not advisable to do so without a proper medical consultation. There are different types of contraception pills, and getting the wrong one could be hazardous.”

Although abstinence would be ideal, we can’t deny that pre-marital sex happens among young people in our country – we just have to look at the news about teenage pregnancies or unwanted babies being thrown away. Dr. Crescentia Jintoni of Queen Elizabeth Hospital stresses on the importance of sexual education: “We are getting more and more teenage pregnancies, as young as 14 years old. Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is vital, and the only way we can do that is by spreading awareness in our society. People don’t even know that there are many types of oral contraception pills, and most of them resort to the morning-after pill – but that has its risks too.”

Both Dr. Fiona and Dr. Crescentia stress the importance of consulting a doctor if you plan to take birth control pills. Going to a medical professional will also help you get informed about other ways of contraception.


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