If there’s one thing we love about the latest fashion trends, is that big bold prints are finally being appreciated. Remember back in they day when we’d stay away from them because they looked over-the-top?

We’ve been going crazy over pretty printed pants – whether they’re leopard print jeans, geometric-print tapered trousers, or brocade pants, these “out there” bottoms are really what you want if you like keeping your look simple but a little bold.

If you’re not fully confident if you can pull off statements because of your body shape, don’t worry because we’re here to help you!


Jessica Alba (Zimbio)

If you’re body’s petite, go for a smaller prints. Anything big would make you look out of proportion. Experiment with colors, and go for a slimmer fit instead of a loose cut.


Miranda Kerr (Zimbio)
Miranda Kerr (Zimbio)

Tall and Slender
Tall, slender women can just about have as much fun with printed pants. You can opt for a range of prints, fit and length. But to add more volume around the hips, go for a tapered cut so offers a womanly curve to the hips. We highly recommend going for vibrant floral prints.


Beyonce (Us Weekly)
Beyonce (Us Weekly)

Women with beautiful curves should not deprive themselves of beautiful printed pants. Take cue from Beyonce and opt for a darker hue, and be smart about choosing the prints. Similar to petite girls, go for smaller prints and go for a slim or skinny cut. Avoid tapered pants because they’ll do your hips no justice. You can also wear a waist-belt to accentuate your waist.


Drew Barrymore (Dailymail)
Drew Barrymore (Dailymail)

If your hips are smaller than your shoulders, go crazy with the prints. Get loud with color and but even out the length with a long cut. Make sure the lengths of the pants goes just over the ankles so that it balances out your proportions.



Christina Hendricks (Zimbio) and Allison Teng (Curvy Girl Chic)
Christina Hendricks (Zimbio) and Allison Teng (Curvy Girl Chic)

Plus-size and Hourglass
It can be a tad tricky to rock printed pants, but the key is simplicity. Whether it’s floral, geometric, Aztec or polka dots, make sure it’s of a smaller size. Go for skinny jeans and slimmer cuts, but stay away from harem pants!


Tips for wearing statement pants:

1. Pair a tight-fitted pair of statement pants with more loose fitted top, and loose pants with a more fitted top.

2. Pair funky prints with solid colors, no matter what color.

3. Feel free to accessorize, even if you’re color-blocking.

4. Pairing prints with a black top will make it look more glamorous, while soft grays makes the look a little more slouchy.

5. A pair of heels will help elongate your look, but always keep the fit in mind.



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