YouTube, the massive video-sharing site has now revolutionized the way we learn and perfect our skills in our everyday lives. From something really technical like changing your car tyres or fixing the hard drive on your computer to a limitless array of DIY guides and cooking guides, YouTube really has just about anything you’re searching for. So, for all you females out there who are looking to master the art of makeup and become a stylish fashionista, here are some of our favourite YouTubers!


Name: Jenn Im

YouTube channel: ClothesEncounters

Subscribers: 583, 206

Jenn is extremely versatile when it comes to styling and makes almost anything, even thrifted items, look amazing. We love how she shows us different ways of dressing up a particular clothing item and also offers us outfit ideas for various occasions suited to people with a mixture of different preferences.


Name: Bethany Mota

YouTube channel: MacBarbie07

Subscribers: 3, 484, 487

This youthful beauty has been making her mark worldwide with her bubbly and uplifting personality. With videos uploaded every week, she shares with us her beauty tips and tricks, DIYs as well as styling videos for all young and chic females out there.


Name: Heart D.

YouTube channel: ThatsHeart

Subscribers: 705, 035

Another extremely bubbly and cheerful YouTube personality is Heart, who never fails to brighten up our day every time we tune in to her videos. If you’re extremely girlie and you love dressing yourself up in fun and flirty ensembles, her YouTube channel is perfect for you.


Name: Judy Travis

YouTube channel: ItsJudyTime

Subscribers: 783, 621

Originally from the Philippines, Judy is not only popular for her beauty-related videos but for her daily vlogs too. We love how she gives us tremendously detailed reviews of skincare and beauty products so that we’d know everything about the products even before thinking about purchasing them. Don’t forget to check out her vlogs for her daily musings and also to watch her little first-born, Juliana, in action.


Name: Jen Chae

YouTube channel: FrmHeadtoToe

Subscribers: 599, 858

A petite Korean living in America, Jen is well-known for her simple makeup tutorials and we love her especially because her tutorials are perfect for us Asians with monolids! Not only is she extremely gracious, we also can’t get enough of her adorable new pup, Oreochi.


Name: Andrea Brooks

YouTube channel: AndreasChoice

Subscribers: 1, 958, 125

Besides beauty-related videos, Andrea also features videos on DIYs, fashion and also random tips and tricks for the average female. Five years after launching her YouTube career, Andrea has been making appearances everywhere in the world of YouTube and has also started another channel called The Platform which features videos by various YouTubers under one channel.


Name: Sammi Maria

YouTube channel: BeautyCrush

Subscribers: 981, 186

From Britain, Sammi is a graduate in fashion styling and her videos are all about makeup and fashion. Besides her witty personality, we also dig her sense of style and how she manages to make her mostly-monochromatic outfits look extremely effortless and poised.


Name: Wayne Goss

YouTube channel: GossMakeupArtist

Subscribers: 1, 137, 266

The only male beauty guru in our list, Wayne uploads videos about skincare and makeup weekly. As a professional makeup artist with such a charming character, we believe that he is a stand-out compared to many others on YouTube because he is very technical and extremely informative. Instead of just telling you how to apply your beauty product, he also tells you why that way works best for your particular skin type or face shape.