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Women are always willing to put some money aside for a good hour of pampering, and it’s not a big deal. Considering the fact that we take on numerous roles, it’s only fair that we get a little R&R for the body and soul. I love a good rub down, and I’m willing to endure a little bit of pain when I know it’s good for me.

I first heard about MAB Shoppe at Mid Valley Megamall from my cousin who had gone there for a foot reflexology treatment that only costed her RM30. She said it was done by blind people who were trained as means to earn an honest living. I was skeptical at first, especially with a full-body massage. As it is, you are left half-naked and vulnerable on a bed – the last thing you’d want is someone without the ability to see to touch you in places you’re not comfortable with.

But RM50 for a full-body massage sounded like a deal that was too good to pass on, so I went for it anyway! From what I gathered, it appeared that the demand for these massages were high. In fact, you’d be lucky if you can book an appointment for a day when you walk in. After days of trying, I decided to book an appointment over the phone two days ahead.

When you arrive at MAB Shoppe, you’ll notice that it’s crowded, and rather hectic for it to be a place of relaxation. But that’s when I realized it serves more as a place of physical healing.

My masseuse is a sweet lady who had lost her sight from an unfortunate incident, but she’s very positive and bubbly. A massage at MAB Shoppe is unlike any massage you’ll get from most massage parlors. They study every nook and cranny of your physique, and can even tell you if you’re suffering from any medical ailments.

My masseuse told me that I suffered from dehydration from massaging my ankles, and issues with my bowels from the back of knees. And she was right – I had just bounced back from a terrible case of food poisoning that left me bedridden and in pain for days!

The atmosphere of the store is a little noisy at times, but you’re paying a small sum of money for healthier body. If you’re suffering from any muscle pain around your body, I highly recommend booking an appointment at MAB Shoppe.

MAB Shoppe MidValley Megamall
S-020 Second Floor,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City,
03 2284 6050