Who isn’t familiar with the highly entertaining and forever innovative Lady Gaga? The 28-year old famed singer-songwriter has never failed to turn heads and make her mark in the world with her music as well as her out-of-this-world outfits and bizarre costumes she parades everywhere she steps foot. Although many may call her a lunatic, Mama G definitely knows how to strut her stuff and exhibits insane levels of self-confidence that is way too hot for some of us to handle. Here are our top 20 picks of her craziest outfits yet. Enjoy!

2010 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

1. Who can forget the infamous meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? We wonder if she smelled like bacon that night. Way to go, Gaga!


2. At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25, Gaga appeared as a futuristic and at the same time, creepy nun when performing her hit single, ‘Applause’.


3. Gaga’s costumes are always extraordinary. This hand-crafted metallic brassier, for instance, shoots fire on command.


4. Lady Gaga was seen wearing a giant black feather headpiece on October 29 this year after filming for The Graham Norton Show.

Lady Gaga leaves her hotel in Berlin, Germany

5. We have no idea what she was trying to pull off but we think that her gold bird-like headpiece looks like a piece of Chicken McNugget from McDonald’s.


6. Lady Gaga attends the YouTube Music Awards in New York City on November 3rd this year dressed, surprisingly, like a normal human being, albeit the horrid-looking teeth.

28oct2013-lady-gaga-outrageous-outfits-600 (1)

7. The ‘Artpop’ album singer was seen leaving her hotel in London on October 28 looking like a wishy-washy floor mop.

30oct2013-lady-gaga-outrageous-outfits-600 (1)

8. Again in London, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a black face mask and headpiece. How did she even manage to see where she was going?


9. For her pre-listening fan event of her new CD ‘Artpop’ in Berlin, Gaga dressed up in some sexy lingerie and had on a fake moustache.


10. Literally donning some plastic bubbles as a dress, Gaga performed at The GRAMMY Celebration Concert Tour in Boston in 2009.


11. We think that this China glazed porcelain print outfit Gaga wore to the 2009 Brit Awards looked cute and classy, compared to her other va-va-voom costumes.


12. Gaga performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011 in a Paco Rabanne outer space UFO-shaped outfit and hat.


13. Lady Gaga once performed in an abstract white bunny costume, complete with a face mask with pointed bunny ears.


14. Performing her old hit ‘Just Dance’ in 2011, Gaga dressed up in a black vinyl-spiked custom made Giorgio Armani Prive suit.


15. Gaga performed at the ‘American Idol 2011’ finale results show wearing a gold encrusted brassier and matching underwear. We think that this makes the perfect Halloween outfit to spook anyone around.


16. Only Lady Gaga can pull off looking like a latex-wearing erotic nun. She performed in 2011 in a skin-tight latex outfit and extremely prominent X-lettered nipple cover ups.


17. This is another outfit that the whole world has talked about. Upon receiving the award for ‘Best New Artist’ during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga appeared in a lace gown attached to a spiky crown that covered her entire face with lace.


18. Gaga did her take on Virgin Mary when she performed at the launch of V61 in 2009. She was seen in a sheer red lace bodysuit and a halo made out of blonde hair.


19. When performing in France in 2010, Gaga was seen sporting a head-to-toe human hair-covered ensemble over some white spandex pants. Creepy much?


 20. Lady Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in London on October 31 dressed in a cute Japanese coral-printed kimono outfit. To go with the whole beach theme, the umbrella she was carrying resembled a giant seashell.

Which is by far, your favourite outfit from Mama Monster? Let us know in the comments section below! Psst, her latest album, ‘Artpop’ is also available today on iTunes here.

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