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GPS navigation can be unexciting at times as you’d have either a regular male or female voice guiding you with directions from point A to point B. But now, with Waze partnering with Universal Pictures, you will be able to hear the voices of celebrities such as comedian Kevin Hart when the GPS is navigating and guiding you to your next destination.

Waze is a widely popular app that crowd-sources traffic and navigation data. Friends and travelers around your location can also post traffic reports to create an accurate, real-time picture of road conditions. This time, Waze’s aim is to offer users a more natural and fun driving experience only Hollywood actors can bring.

Photo via IT Home

Kevin Hart is popular for his sense of humour, so driving around with his voice as your own virtual comedian co-pilot would definitely make your journey more lively.

To have Kevin Hart as your co-pilot on Waze, go to Settings > Sound > and select “English – Ride Along” as your language.

Check out the video below to find out what Kevin Hart sounds like on Waze!

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