Photo via Says
Photo via Says

A new blog titled “Sweet Young Malaysian Boys” has popped up this week featuring pictures of young Malaysian men. It seems identical to “Sweet Young Malaysian Girlsin which a whole series of Malaysian girls’ photos were published, but it was quickly deleted after the online community found out about it. In Sweet Young Malaysian Boys, a disclaimer announces that “this site is meant to be satirical”. It reads:


This site is meant to be satirical. The original Sweet Young Malaysian Girls has been taken down (yay!). However, that website made it clear how un-private the Internet is.
So if you’re going to post something on the interwebs, make sure that you’re comfortable with anyone seeing it. That includes you mother father brother sister uncle aunty girlfriend boyfriend boss and the roti canai man. Otherwise don’t post it.

Who is the culprit behind ‘Sweet Young Malaysian Girls’?

Serge Norguard was under fire when numerous social media users started accusing him as the culprit behind the controversial blog “Sweet Young Malaysian Girls” which he initially denied (read about it here). Now however, he defended himself saying that the site is merely a social experiment. A new statement was found on his site with the title “How to lose friends and make enemies – A social experiment”:

Well now, we have been caught and about time too, so to Harinder Singh.. Thank you for catching us. As you all know SWEET YOUNG MALAYSIAN GIRLS was the talk of the internet and even on the newspaper for the past two days. And we confess that we were experimenting with all of you, friends, acquaintances and such.

Though we did make a press statement that we did not contribute, which is true. However, we did lie about our involvement in it. Images was sourced from Tumblr and then redistributed back to the blog. Whether you want to believe in us or not is a different subject matter altogether but it was an integral part with what we are doing.

Eventually we did take down the website and then place a faux press statement. A statement to deny our involvement in it. Of course we lied in our statement and when the time was right, we deployed a video that we knew it will be the death of us. That video in general was to show that we were not involved but we still let that part of the autocomplete to show.

Harinder Singh (one of the social media users who exposed Serge’s involvement in the blog) then replied to the statement on his own Tumblr account:

You know how when you know you’re about to die, and you grasp whatever oxygen left just to survive another second? It’s the same with Lionel today, he wrote a blog post which was supposed to bring people to visit his site, but let’s just not get to that. […]

PS: People run social experiment in a group, and they run it legally, douchebag. Sorry ass for an excuse. Also, people, this guy just admitted publishing pictures of young women that doesn’t belong to him, and some of the pictures are clearly naked. Why isn’t any of the victim lodging police report? Do we want to see him raping someone on the name of social experiment first?

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