Photo: InStyle
Photo: InStyle

It’s a well known fact that celebrities will eventually turn to cosmetic surgery, but only very few of them will admit to it. Britney Spears, however, made a brave decision to reveal her secret.

In the January 2014 issue of InStyle, the famous pop starlet recently admitted to getting lip injections, and according to her, they were a ‘fun’ treat for her. The 32-year-old “Perfume” singer was getting candid about her skincare routine when she spilled the beans.

“I just bought the new Shiseido face wash and moisturizer. I have no problem trying new brands. A doctor I see, [Beverly Hills plastic surgeon] Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes — I’ve had lip injections before. He has this peptide-based face-care product; it’s green and slimy, and you mix it together and put it on your face. It does wonders. You leave it on overnight. Can you tell I love skin care?”

Apart from the “fun stuff” in her skincare routine, Britney shares that she’s more relaxed when it comes to her wardrobe:

“When I was younger, I cared a lot more about what I wore. But the older you get, the more you think about what’s easy and comfortable. I do like to look good when I go to events, and I like to dress up. That’s for the show of it all!” she says. “When I perform, that’s the time I know what people expect from me—to have the glitz and the glam and go all out. I understand that. But in my everyday life, I’m more low-key.”

Speaking on behalf of her friend Kim Kardashian, Britney also shared how appalled she was with how Kim was treated by the press during her stages of pregnancy:

“I see Kim and what she went through when she was pregnant—the tabloids were so mean to her because she was big. At one point in the show she was upset and said something like, ‘I would be lying if I said that the criticism from the paparazzi while I’ve been pregnant hasn’t taken a toll on me.’ And I was like, ‘Bless her heart,’ because I remember that time”.

Britney wasn’t the only one to admit to getting any cosmetic surgery. In September, popular Chinese-American news anchor Julie Chen admitted that she went under the knife as she was pressured by her boss.

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