Photo: Inmagine
Stock photo: Inmagine

The Selangor police contingent will form its first all-women Ops Cantas Khas Wanita to combat violent crime.

According to Selangor CPO Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Shukri Dahlan, 40 policewomen and officers of all ranks would be involved. The police aim to form two teams, which will be placed under the contingent’s Criminal Investigation Department. It would focus on criminal activities involving triad members and drug-related cases in the state.

SDCP Mohd Shukri also said that the contigent had checked 301,365 people between August 17 to December 5. He added that over the same period, 15,280 people have been identified and arrested for various offenses.

“I hope more women police personnel will participate in the training programmes to come,” he said, adding that the training would be conducted every three months.

The first batch of 13 women trainees have already completed their one-week training at the Ulu Kinta camp.