We all know her as Elena from The Vampire Diaries  but this beauty has made a fair share of exploring the Hollywood world. She recently stared in the book adaptation, The Perks of Being A Wallflower and well… we don’t think it stops there for her.

We’re taking a look at Nina Dobrev and her style on the red carpet – pretty impressive, if you ask us. But, you be the one to judge!


1. Errr, we’re not really sure what was going on here and where Nina got that dress – but as vintage as it seems, it belongs to some grandmother, and on her. The random extra bit of lace… not very appealing.

2. This was an on and off look for us. We love the red, we love the cutting… but we just can’t get over the horrible train. What is going on there?

3. Who knew white lace could look so sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Nina Dobrev really shows us how it’s done!

4. Ouch… our eyes. That’s a really bright pink. But, props to Nina for being able to pull it off…. kind of.

5. Here’s a little colour blocking at it’s finest. We love how she paired the sexy red dress with pastel blue shoes… never saw that one coming.

6. This was a simple, chic and dazzling look for Nina Dobrev. It was figure hugging in the right places and just plain perfect.

7. As sexy as this dress is… it reminds us of a magicians helper. What do you think? It might be the overload of sparkles.

8. This is just not a flattering dress. We don’t know what else to think of it. The colour… the fitting… it’s just all wrong.

9. Now this is a look we really liked. The combination of the red and black… we love it. Plus, we love the fact that she put on booties rather than the usual strappy stilettos for once.

10. You can never go wrong with gold… most of the time. Nina Dobrev looks stunning in this look.

11. Every celebrity has to have that ‘goddess’ look – and this was definitely it for Nina Dobrev. The silver and black combo is different yet so appealing to the eye.

12. Who knew green would look okay as lace – though this isn’t our favorite look, it’s still interesting to the eyes.

13. Nina is looking sweet in this floral number… It kind of makes her look a lot younger and more vibrant. Don’t you think so?

14. This dress would’ve been something good, but it’s just a few sizes too small. Her boobs look like they are suffocating. What do you think?

15. Now this is a simple and chic look – we love the shade of blue/turquoise that she’s gone for. Pretty good effort there, Nina!


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