Child kidnapping and abduction cases are on the rise in Malaysia, and it appears that no child is ever safe wherever they go. It is imperative that children are given the highest level of safety and protection, especially to avoid the loss of an innocent soul.
Here are six important tips on how you can avoid these dangerous situations, to ensure your child is safe.

1. Know Their Whereabouts
Despite their age, insist your kids keep you updated on their whereabouts, no matter what time. Even if this means giving your 9 year old a cellphone to keep in touch, it’s still better to invest in means of protection than putting a price on material goods.

2. Make Sure They’re Never Alone
Some parents make the mistake of giving their kids the chance to meet their friends at the park or the end of the street alone. Sadly, the environment is no longer as safe as it once was, so you can never be too sure what might happen. Apart from being kidnapped, they might even have a little tumble and fall and hurt themselves without no one knowing. So, insist that someone keeps them company no matter where they go, especially when they’re of young, vulnerable age.

3. Stranger Danger
We can never tell who might be a potential threat to our offspring, so the ‘Run, yell, and tell’ concept may help. Teach your kids as early as the age of four, that if they’re approached by a stranger, and they’re not comfortable, that they should follow those three steps.


4. Know The Enemy
Kidnappers and child molesters know where to go to find their victims. Most of them are frequented by families like playgrounds and even schools. What is most disturbing is that some of them could even be a close friend. Keep a guard out for people who insist on being in the company of your children. 

5. Develop a Tighter Relationship
Giving your child the idea that it’s okay to share secrets with you is the best way to prevent them from the dangers of abduction or even sexual abuse. Take note of your child’s moods, reaction and character on most days. If you notice there’s a difference in his or her moods, something could be wrong. It also helps to know who they’ve spoken to, or met.

6. Create Guidelines
Teach your child a few general things about their own safety, like making sure they remember some emergency contact numbers, especially the authorities. Create awareness about kidnapping, so they understand why you have to be cautious about their safety. Establish strict rules about talking to strangers, going to people’s houses, or even letting people in when they’re alone at home.

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