Yes, you heard that right! According to sources, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are reportedly getting back together after their initial split earlier this month. Taylor was seen staying at the hotel near Harry’s house after landing in the UK yesterday. It was reportedly that Harry has also prepared a few romantic gestures during their stay.

Sources say, “Taylor realised she was being a bit full-on. She is now more relaxed about their relationship. She intends to enjoy it more rather than worry about where it could eventually lead. The source then continued, “Harry is not the sort of guy you can stay mad at for long. She’s given him some space and it’s done them both a world of good. What happened over New Year is now a distant memory.”

The couple are reportedly going to reunite at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France this weekend. Well, looks like Taylor has finally decided to settle down with the 18-year-old young Harry. Will this relationship lasts longer than her previous relationships?


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Adrina Hoi
Born and raised in the suburbs of KL, I grew up in yesteryear's pop culture under the influence of my family especially my parents. Horror, sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite genres in drama & films but once in a while, I enjoy watching chick flicks. Basically, I am a movie buff.